Regular Show Limited Edition Wrist Watch

17 Mar
Collector edition Regular Show Watch

Awesome Regular Show limited edition watch!!!

I am so crazy about the incredible watches that Vannen carries. You just have to click the pic above to see what I mean. Anyway, the Regular Show watch is Limited Edition and such a great gift for any Cartoon Network fanatic…like myself…It is only $75.00, water resistant, and it has randomly inserted packaging that comes signed and sketched on by Regualr Show creator, J.G. Quintel. Get ’em while they are HOT people. So would if I could.




One Response to “Regular Show Limited Edition Wrist Watch”

  1. Hans April 14, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

    OOOOHHH I wish I was young enough to walk around with a Regular Show watch without having people stop me constantly to ask why an alleged grown-up is walking around with a Regular Show watch. OR, conversely, I wish I was old enough to walk around with a Regular Show watch, and have people leave me alone: “Oh it’s ok, grandpa is senile, let’s not ask about his Regular Show watch or else he’ll attack us with his cane.” Alas, I am neither 😦

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