Why Do Humans Do The Things We Do?

18 Mar

why do humans do what they do

I have put much thought into this question since I decided I wanted a better life. I, just like you, have been betrayed, hurt, belittled by others and I always wondered, WHY? I cannot say that I was never to blame for my problems with others but I wanted to find a way to put it all behind me and start fresh.

One day, I turned the television on and began watching the news. It was a Nancy Grace type of news show and they were discussing a high-profile murder case. Anyway, you know how it goes…a panel of people argue back and forth and analyze the defendant. As they picked apart the character and actions of this person my mind began to wonder and the answer to my question seemed simple all of a sudden. To understand, you have to go back in time. Forget where you are for just a second, and forget about the way life is for you at this moment.

Think back to the days when man-kind roamed the earth and fought for survival. We have come such a long way since then, would you agree?….duh. But one thing remains the same, and that is our natural way of being. You can train a Lion, but no matter what, there is no guarantee that it will not attack you. Same thing with humans, you give them laws to abide by, they break them, you are nice to someone, they hurt you….and so on and so forth. We have evolved into a world of materialistic fantasies and superficial lifestyles…which is ok! But remember, we all deal with our lives and circumstances differently. You cannot change the way people feel, think or do unless you have obtained a certain power over them…you can only accept it and move on because life is no longer about hunting and survival. It is too complex and filled with garbage that we were never meant to be subjected to…and that is the answer.

I know this may all seem vague in a sense but tell me what you think, I will never judge you. I am looking for answers about life and I am taking the oppurtunity to think outside of the box, that is all. Inspire me with your input and the way you see it.


One Response to “Why Do Humans Do The Things We Do?”

  1. alohaleya March 20, 2013 at 11:02 am #

    thank you so much for the follow. i like what you have to say and feel that yes, we’ve moved beyond survival to major over-consumption and it’s now time to bring higher consciousness into the picture, to achieve some sort of balance on planet earth! namaste.

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