The Freedom We Have And What It Means For You!

15 Mar

the definition of freedom. freedom explained. what is freedom

I am a creative writer. I live by the meaning and definition of words taught to me by people who were given the right to by the United States of America. I understand my rights and the most important one to me, I believe, is the first amendment. It is important that you understand why. 

We all have rights but there are stipulations. They can be taken away at any time should you break laws or something more. I choose to abide by the laws in this country and exercise my given right to the freedom of speech and thoughts. I see my potential on this earth, I see your potential on this earth. I choose to believe that happiness can be the cure to sadness.

I choose to believe in something greater than the United States of America. It is nothing but a mass of land and there is much more to explore in this big world. We utilize our power of freedom to hate people, love people, choose our line of work, buy a car, kill, steal, choose a religion, and so much more. Only a handful of leaders have stepped out of the box to utilize their power to create, invent, and enforce. This is our right! If you are religious than you are living by the definition of freedom. 

You choose to believe in the idea that there is something greater, you believe in others, you believe in the beliefs of others. I do to, but in my own ways. I find inspiration in human beings who utilize their power of freedom to invent, like Benjamin Franklin. Or Bob Marley, a soul searching for the meaning of life and something greater. Albert Einstein. Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi. I live by the meaning and definition of a Philanthropist. I seek to promote the welfare of others because I believe that happiness is greater than any riches in this world and I want people to know they have choices. 

We all understand our fate. It is is to die. Accept your fate, live in the moment, protect yourself and your people from those who bring harm. Realize that we put our trust in the belief of others. Create things, ask questions, increase your knowledge, change your beliefs, gain new ones….all until you are content with yourself. Write your happiness, your future. It is not a risk. It is a right!!! Teach your children the laws of America, teach them that they have the ability to find the good in this country and that they can be happy. 

Written by: Rebecca M. Moreno 

***Please inspire me with your comments, beliefs, ideas, and questions.


2 Responses to “The Freedom We Have And What It Means For You!”

  1. Cindy Dau Benisek March 15, 2013 at 6:48 pm #

    I like your attitude!!

  2. M.E March 16, 2013 at 6:30 am #

    Beautiful Rebecca, well explained .

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